The Week I Never Thought I’d Make It To See

This Sunday will mark exactly one year since my earthly angel became my heavenly one.

A few weeks ago, Rasheed and my closest friends & family gathered at my parents’ home for what would have been his 40th birthday. This picture was taken that weekend.

It was a beautiful time, and I’ll share more later. This week, I’m trying to reflect on my growth; How I’m learning to grow where I’m planted– even though I often wish God would have “plucked” me, too, that April 16th. There’s so much work to be done — for my healing, for Rasheed’s open case, for Rasheed’s legislation, for the scholarships and for the businesses. It gets overwhelming. And the heavy sadness & grief aren’t helpful, but somehow, some way, I make it through one more day. It’s one day I didn’t want without him, but one more day to do what I think God has left me here to do.

Spare some prayers? I could use them this week & next year (really, forever). I hear the second year of #widowhood is worse than the first because the numbness wears off & your community believes you’ve “healed”.

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