Love Lives

…because it happened & it was one of the best days of my life.

Eight years ago, Rasheed officially took my hand, and before God, our families & friends, he asked to hold my heart. We had countless good days, some meh ones & one devastating one, but he loved me through them all & did his best to calm my crazy & keep a smile on my face. {Trust. I know it was hard work}

Rasheed, I know it won’t make sense to most, but I finally forgive you for being taken away from me. My head always knew you would have done anything to remain by my side, but when you were snatched from my world, it left me broken & my heart throbbing like an open sore for far too long. I’m finally truly learning to stand, breathe & love life again. I’m learning how to live {again} and not just survive without you.

This day will always mean nothing but pure love to me. While your loss has shaped me in countless ways, your love helped carve me into the woman I am today. Thank you.

To be someone’s first love is good, but to be someone’s last love is an awesome gift.

Happy Anniversary ❤️


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