Love After Loss

Who knew a broken heart could feel this full again?

It happened. I tried so hard to guard my heart & keep it out of my life, but love found its way back.

How did love seep into the one place I guarded with the strength of 10,000 warriors? I vowed to never love another after Rasheed died, but it happened. God worked hard on me. When I least expected it, love slithered into the crevice of one of the millions of cuts of my shattered heart. I didn’t want it. I swore it wasn’t possible.

K-Dub & D.I.

K-Dub & D.I.

Love after loss. It can be so difficult. And once it’s found you, when do you share that news with the world? The fear; the confusion. How could someone love a woman who is still in love with her late husband? Because the heart is the most resilient thing on this planet. It expands. The love for Rasheed has its own place in my heart, my life, my soul. I didn’t know it was happening, but while I was fighting to simply keep going, a new me was built. And within her, a new place became ready to build a new life because of the incredible foundation she had (with him). A new chamber in my heart was then created, and there, a new spot was formed for new love to take root.

“How could someone love a woman who is still in love with her late husband? Because the heart is the most resilient thing on this planet. It expands.”

D, you are strong enough to give me space when needed AND to carry me across the confusing, debilitating moments. Thank you for being you. Thank you for talking about him. Thank you for helping me laugh too loudly (again).

You are not him. I am not her. We are a new us. And it’s a beautiful thing.


2 thoughts on “Love After Loss

  1. Joyce A Sessoms says:

    My heart is overjoyed for you. God knows what we need and when we need it most. Congratulations on a new and exciting journey of discovery.

  2. Shawanda Johnson says:

    I am so grateful that God sent you someone in his timing . The Lord knew you needed healing first so that you could love again and in a healthy way. It’s ok to love again and you took the time to grieve and time to just heal so now just love and enjoy it because the glow of God is all on you both. And he understood everything you went through so that let’s you know that he was sent by God. Thank you for sharing all of your life’s journey. May God blessings be upon you both.🥰😊

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